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Custom Tile Solutions at Mayo’s

There are three basic types of tile: porcelain, ceramic and natural stone.

Porcelain tiles are made from finer ingredients and baked at high temperatures, resulting in a hard- less porous product. Porcelain tile can be glazed or full body, where the color is mixed into the body of the tile.

Ceramic tile is composed of clay and mineral mixtures and are glazed and kiln fired. The back of ceramic tile can have an orange color to it.

Natural stone tile is cut from quarried stone that can be cut into many sizes and textures. Travertine can be honed or polished to produce smooth and/or shiny surface. Not honed, the tile will have small holes in the natural stone. Limestone, Travertine, Marble and Slates are all types of natural stone. Natural stone needs to be sealed during installation and needs regular maintenance to keep its look.