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Bamboo is a natural material that shares many of the wonderful properties of hardwood flooring.

Responsible choice.

The bamboo plant is a naturally sustainable grass and a highly renewable resource that rapidly grows to maturity in as little as three to five years. In contrast, hardwood trees can take twenty years or more to mature.

Easy Maintenance.

Like hardwood flooring, bamboo is easy to maintain. You just have to vacuum your floors regularly to remove small particle debris and occasionally clean it with a damp mop or with a non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser.

Natural Material. 

The use of natural materials is an important trend in the design industry right now. As people are becoming more eco-conscious they’re demanding products that reflect these values. They’re also more accepting of the unique and beautiful properties in these materials and designs and want to highlight the natural “flaws” of more natural materials.


Bamboo can be extremely hard, strong and durable. Certain types of bamboo that are correctly harvested and manufactured can be as durable as red oak.


Over time, like hardwood flooring, bamboo may become discolored, scratched or scarred. Fortunately, bamboo can be refinished by sanding it down and then reapplying the finishing coats to give it a fresh new look.