Cork Flooring

There’s No Place Like Home

Your home should be a space of internal balance, a place of pleasant rediscovery after a challenging day’s work. Cork’s natural properties make it an excellent sound insulator, diminishing the sounds that disturb moments of relaxation and family sharing.

A Warm Resort

We take care of the cork oak forests (montado) and from them take the essence of comforting atmospheres. Cork, a remarkable thermal insulator, inspires tranquil and comfortable environments, granting energy cost savings.  Like a hug from nature, your home becomes an enveloping retreat that exhales comforting and soothing heat for the daily renewal of body and mind.

A Gift from Nature

Cork is born from nature. It is one of the most complete materials for the creation of safe, comfortable and inspiring environments. Go4Cork, adapted to the needs of modern society, reinterprets cork’s applications, offering revolutionary flooring based on quality, innovative design and cutting-edge technology.  Perfect solutions that live in harmony with nature and your lifestyle at a budget that you can afford.

  1. EasyCare Matte Lacquered finish
  2. Attractive Cork design
  3. Flexible and insulating cork layer
  4. HDF with Corkloc-glueless locking system
  5. Integrated insulating cork underlay


Mayo’s proudly carries Trillium by Strategis and Amorim Cork.