Area Rugs


There are many benefits to using area rugs in your home or office. They are very versatile, offer increased functionality, and provide protection for carpet. They also add beauty to any room and help create a warm atmosphere.


It is much easier to switch out an area rug versus changing the carpet in a room. They can also be switched out for the different seasons, offering a simple solution for updating decor based on the seasons without incurring added expenses each year. Area rugs can also be used to hide imperfections in the carpet. It is much more economical to use an area rug to cover an impossible to remove stain or a burn than it is to completely replace the carpet.


Area rugs offer increased functionality in any room. When placed in the center of a room over carpet, area rugs tend to draw attention to themselves and away from unwanted areas of the room. This is perfect for creating a focal point on a new piece of furniture such as an accent table or new sofa. Area rugs also offer a sense of safety for the area they are used in. Children and seniors alike will find falling on an area rug provides a much softer landing versus landing directly on the carpet. When used in conjunction with a rug pad, they are also less likely to move providing further safety when walking or playing.

Area rugs also help absorb sound. They can be used under televisions and stereos to aid in the reduction of excess noise which can cause valuables to rattle in their place and possibly fall. Many will find comfort in knowing that Grandmother’s antique crystal vase will be further protected from unexpected vibrations.


Not only will valuables be provided protection by area rugs, the carpet itself will be as well. Area rugs create a protective layer over the carpet, protecting it from accidental spills or other unforeseen incidents. It is much more affordable to replace an area rug than it is to replace the entire carpet in the event of a non-removable stain. Furthermore, some area rugs can be cleaned professionally and this can normally be done for a much lower rate than the cleaning of carpet.


Area rugs can add beauty to any room. They can be used to add color to a room or to create a more inviting atmosphere. Area rugs can turn an ordinary room into an elegant showcase of character. Many find that by simply covering their existing carpet with area rugs, the overall look of the room completely changes in a matter of moments.